Jun 16

I suppose everyone has watched Hayate no Gotoku episode 11 by now. If you were wondering what he was talking about just before the OP in the show, well its a very old show called Hikari Sentai Masked Man. I remember watching it when I was around 10 or 11, when TV2 had it dubbed in Malay. I can’t believe I actually remembered the stuff they said. Although it was dubbed in Malay, the opening was still Japanese with subtitles, so I suddenly felt a sense of nostalgia when I heard what Hayate said. XD.

Masked Man was one of my favorites at the time and I would run home quickly after tuition every time to watch it at 5 pm. What really caught me in the series was the fact that they could pull out what was known as “Aura Power” that was the power within a human being that could be harnessed after lots and lots of training. You could do all sorts of things with it like blow stuff up and levitate and even cut stuff with it! The Masked Men held their hands in a certain position and concentrated to produce the power. I also loved looking at them play with the glowing rubber band that they used to make many different formations. So much so that I would end up playing with the rubber band in class and have fun making all sorts of funny shapes and having my friends take the same shape by pulling the rubber band out of my hand in a different manner. Real cool. Anyway, the following video is an episode from youtube I found after a bit of searching. It seemed that searching マスクマン actually yielded less results than maskedman! So I guess everyone still remembers it.

Well, I guess anyone who has watched it would agree it was good at the time. Hell I still think its good now! It was a part of my childhood I guess, that’s why. Oh well… I wish I could write to the guys at Shogakukan to tell them to keep up the good work!

Episode one. See why I loved it so much.

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