Jun 26

Iwasaki Minami

I haven’t posted for the past 2 days now because of some social commitments I had to make. >_<; Just when I thought I could be a hikkikomori again. Damn. I got home like 12 last night after after-badminton dinner. Gosh I could have sworn I would have eaten a car if I didn’t get my dinner that night. It was so cold that my body’s metabolism was flooring the throttle. But that wasn’t enough, I had to add some heat with my wonderful little gas heater.

All you regulars to my site would notice by now, that quite a lot of morphing has been going on with this website. Indeed. It’s me trying to get a new theme to fit on this page. It’s like buying clothes for your kids (not that I know what its like) I guess. You gotta choose one really cute one, and then customize and fit it till it matches. Since I don’t have an experimental version on my computer (I guess I should), I thought I’d just do all the testing live anyway.

Oh, and I must introduce this cool girl that I vectored just moments ago. Her name is Iwasaki Minami, and she’s got the same blood type as I do!! XD. No prizes for guessing which anime she comes out from. If I get all the Lucky Star characters vectored I might do a wallpaper! Well, that is if anyone is keen to see one. What do you guys think?

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