May 18

These two videos demonstrate why Macross Frontier is FULL OF GOLD and WIN

This is Minmei singing My Boyfriend is a Pilot (Watashi no kare wa PAIROTTO) from the original Macross

And Ranka is singing it too!!! KYUUTE!

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written by astrobunny

3 Responses to “My boyfriend is a pilot”

  1. 1. NetNN Says:

    No offense to the original, but I think I like Ranka’s version more than Minmei’s

  2. 2. astrobunny Says:

    Yes, definitely Ranka’s version. The flashy flying gives it more points.

  3. 3. Aria Says:

    I like the old one more. Since I have a weakness for old songs. Haha. I like Ranka’s one too!

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