Aug 14

Nogizaka Haruka 5 is chock full of fanservice. What more can I say? Apart from the serious overdose of swimsuit action and deredere Haruka, there are a few panty shots and a few almost-naked teasers. Sasuga harem series.

This anime is targeted at perverts. *wink

This teacher has just hinted at a possible new swimsuit. Oh I’m so excited… yay…

Did I mention how easy it is to stitch scenes in Nogizaka Haruka? Oh man I love the way Haruka shook her shoulders.

Oh my its the new swimsuit… This person seriously has got to get a boyfriend or something. I didn’t bother stitching this because girls who are showy are pretty unattractive to me. Sorry.

LOL Accident eh… Likely story…

DFC Choudai

Oh my. You know I’m very afraid of dropping into the water for a very good reason. And it’s not catching a cold, its how much you’re going to need to spend to buy a new phone.

Shower scene with Shiina Amamiya. This episode is so full of swimsuit scenes, its starts to look like a story straight out of ToHeart.

Yuuto and Shiina seem to be getting along a bit too well. This is Amamiya Shiina no Himitsu now.

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