Feb 21

Toradora 20 is finally kicking up some dust as Taiga decides to stop clinging to Ryuuji and let Minorin approach him better. ITS ABOUT TIME. I could so relate to Minorin not being able to get close to Ryuuji because Taiga is always hanging around him. It took this daft girl a while to figure that out. Meanwhile, lets have a look at what’s going on with Minorin this time!

Apparently, my worst fears were confirmed. Minorin indeed was given a hard reset on her attitude and is now back to being the pretender she always was. I wonder if her seeming loneliness may have something to do with it. However, far from being repulsive, her return to genki-ness came out quite refreshing as we can finally see a happy character again amongst all these emo characters.

She seem’s like she’s doing well.

Of course, Ryuuji isn’t doing so well now ever since Minorin rejected him that Christmas night.

Though Minorin shows no sign of her emotions that night, she is obviously trying her best to make up with Ryuuji again.

BUT That wasn’t about to stop Taiga from playing various tricks to pushing Minorin at Ryuuji.

At Minorin’s expense of course. I’ll bet this is something all Toradora fans have been dying all their lives to see. MINORIN BLUSHING!

It really looks straight out of a galge.

A real surprise indeed, for Minorin to suddenly be showing more of her dere side. Finally she is showing some human traits, and not just bouncing around like a robot programmed to be happy.

Oh and she cut her hair too eh. I would never have noticed.

Ooh Minorin surprised! Must remember.

I hate how Ami isn’t helping things. She’s obviously going green with envy now. Possible candidate for Yandere?

Now that Minorin is finally showing her true feelings, I think we’ll just let it roll and see how this story continues to develop.

FailWhale? Its amazing what people can notice even in a few seconds of showing. I guess our brain is the ultimate relational database.

Lets play shiritori!

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    Aaaaaaaaah Minorin >w<
    She's so cute <3

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