Mar 20

I like how the story continues beyond the scope of the movies, but episode 7 seemed to be a complete disconnect from what the story was like last episode. All of a sudden, the world below didn’t matter anymore, and all that mattered was the heavens. Also, all of a sudden the characters turned from blimps to wimps, and all of a sudden there’s a backstory that really made no sense to me.

All of a sudden Munto is a helpless twit? What happened to his initiative and awesome power that can take down whole armies with one swing of his arm?

Lol at whats his name. That enemy king didn’t really get much screen time the last 6 episodes, but all of a sudden he’s like the final boss or something, and has power so amazing that even the almighty Munto can’t escape his grasp. Did I miss something here? It even took Gass himself to commit seppuku/suicide/kamikaze on that KingWhatsHisName to kill him and prevent him from destroying the heavens.

Yay Ryuely has her eyes back. It must be great to be able to see again, so you don’t get touched by perverts who KNOW you are blind.

I don’t remember Yumemi’s dress being so revealing/sexy. All of a sudden she turned from innocent child to sex goddess of the heavens. Is KyoAni trying to up the ratings of this show?

I mean, come on, I liked Yumemi in her school uniform or casual stuff. But this… her dress is practically transparent! Maybe it would benefit her to not even wear anything? Saves the energy of actually carrying a dress around.

Then all of a sudden Munto starts explaining that there was a grand, sophisticated and highly advanced civilization that his people descended from. Man, it really didn’t make sense when currently all we see in the heavenly kingdoms are mecha that seem to be glued together instead of being built and mediveal fairytale style fighting with swords and dragons. What happened to all the cool tech?

Yumemi is becoming Munto’s sex symbol. Probably KyoAni’s desperate attempt to raise its fanbase by providing tonnes of fanservice. I would prefer if they did something a bit more meaningful like, Commander Tsundere hitting on Munto or something.

OH YEAH Pre-stone age humans wore tightsuits and fired powerful missiles at the heavenly world to destroy it. Gosh I wonder why everyone suddenly lost all their knowledge and skill and became stupid primitive beings who drive cars around and pollute the air. I really wonder where the show wants to take us with this. Maybe they just wanted to have a backstory so it just felt more alive? I suppose that’s the most logical way to go to make the show not a recap of the movie + 2 hours of extra footage.

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2 Responses to “Munto’s story is going weird”

  1. 1. AFanofMunto Says:

    I totally agree with you.
    This lovely anime that had so much potenial and I love so much,got screwed into some bad fanservice anime trying to follow the flow.
    If you think of some guy who did this 5 years ago,and suddenly going back to it,then its clear why it changed so much.
    But I hate what they did to Yumemi! Why big breasts!?
    Gaaah! No Munto I liked either now! >__<

  2. 2. Seara123 Says:

    WOW! i wonder what gonna happen to the other show O.o ….WAIT A SEC!!!!!!!!! this make soooooooooo mush since!!! No wonder they stop doing the show! Maybe it b/c what happen in the show! So far the not-so-get-it-show that would make eveything why they stop. Thanks for tilling and I think i kindna agree to.

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