Mar 21

When I first started watching Toradora I thought all it was was just another moe flick like Hayate no Gotoku with no real story or another novel adaptation that was just made to sell merchandise licenses with like Zero no Tsukaima or a failure of an anime with a rushed ending like Shana (and ZnT). Contrary to my expectations, it turned out to be really good. And its not just good because it exceeded my very low expectations for it, but it was good because it actually impressed me more than CLANNAD, which was made by the gods at KyoAni itself. It turns out even commoners can shine.

Remember when I said Minorin was my favorite girl in the series? Well, that’s no longer the case. I see too much of myself inside her. She’s dishonest, untrue to herself, and always hiding her true feeling from everyone. Keeping it inside seems good, but maybe its because she feels that the people around her just aren’t close enough to her for her to tell her feelings to… at least, until she got into a fight with Ami.

That said, its probably better this way, since she’s finally found a friend who she can show her tears to. BUT. Having said that, I still hate her. I hate her for all the nonsense she spews out even in an emotional scene, and how everything she does always looks like some sort of fakage. She would probably earn bombs from being on a Chinese TV advertising show.

Now this picture was probably drawn by one of the better artists. It’s a good picture. Want to know why I think its a good picture? Most people cannot reproduce the expression of a person when trying to block their nose. The way her eyes narrow and her mouth displays an expression that radiates discomfort, really shows this artist knows his stuff. JC Staff’s been producing so much anime lately its hard to see how some of their artists cannot become geniuses.

Taiga on the other hand, is cuter than ever before. Like, I think she spent all her brand new status points from levelling up on just the cuteness attribute maybe its got something to do with a certain sidequest called “get boyfriend”? One would think that someone like her would naturally exhibit extreme cuteness and loveability, but it was the sheer lack of it in the beginning of this anime that probably made us all crave it even more. After all, that is the basis of the Tsundere Attraction.

All of a sudden Ryuuji and Taiga have so much in common it seems like they were destined to be together. Well, that’s the funny thing about these shows. Its that because there’s a script and storyboard, there’s a destiny for all the characters.

And Taiga and Ryuuji really go together really well. Better than what you’d expect when you saw her kicking and poking him around in the beginning of the show.

This would probably be one of the more memorable Toradora shows because practically all the scenes in it have a not-violent Taiga, and a very cute and very melancholic girl. After watching this, and finding that I’m enjoying watching them being troubled and finding life difficult, I am now officially convinced that misery sells.

Look at her, her large eyes and small stature, and the fact that she’s already pretty grown up just makes me wonder… Why do I find small girls so nice? Is my obsession over Taiga in this episode an indication of the existence of my inner pedophile? I really hope not…

Okay, so what I really wanted to say is, Taiga is actually a crossbreed of Shana and Nogizaka Haruka. But I’m sure she’d push me off a 100 storey building if she ever heard that come out of my mouth.


One of the things I was asking myself after watching Toradora is: Why is baka-chi giving me the impression of a dog now? I mean, Toradora SOS aside, why… do I think she really looks like a cute puppy wondering if its master will ever speak to it again? Why is Ami making me think of dogs?! I know she’s got the puppy face in this picture, but… don’t you find it unnatural to look at a girl and think about dogs?

Man, you only get these sorts of scenes in anime.

So now that Ryuuji has decided to make Taiga his wife, and Taiga seems to be very eager to comply, but very embarrassed about it, I wonder if now we’ll get a nice wedding with a bride with a face red as a tomato. That would really be awesome. Though its great to see Taiga gradually shedding her tsun and insecure side, it would still be nice to see a bit of it again. Maybe after they are married?

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  1. Minatsu’s Moeness Just Shot Up » Astrobunny's Blog Says:

    […] Ever since this episode, my view of this show has changed. It isn’t completely a random shit show after all. It’s surprises like these that I look forward to when I start on shows that everyone has low expectations of in the beginning. […]

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  1. 1. Daniel Says:

    they really need to make a bit of a sequal for this show, like if Taiga-san’s parents came one day and , i don’t know, “kidnapped” her, or something like that, cause you need a bad guy or group that Ryuji has to save her, but in the end, it somehow turns into love all over again, Like a romance thriller?

  2. 2. tim Says:

    dude ur soooo gay, shana pwns >.< ur wierd!

  3. 3. tim Says:

    and daniel thats too cliché of a thing for a great anime like toradora to do -_-…..nice try

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