Mar 22

I wonder why is it that its always girls who fall into love triangles over boys in anime. Perhaps something that doesn’t happen as often in real life is much more entertaining? Or maybe its just because girls are cuter that way?

One of the great things I love about Minamike is that Kana is completely oblivious to the situation she’s in. But I guess that even in real life it would be really hard to be aware of anyone chasing someone who’s chasing you if they don’t say a thing. Both Fujioka and Riko have one thing in common, they are too shy to spit it out.

The humour really comes when someone actually tries to interfere with this. It doesn’t do much to develop any relationships, but it makes the process all the more entertaining.

It does seem like developing a good image of Fujioka is very very hard.

Its even harder when even girls seem to dote on Kana.

She’s just like the classic sad girl who doesn’t seem to get any of the boys she likes.

But even being oblivious and already unknowingly doing cruel things to her friends, she still finds the energy to play her own pranks that she actually knows.

Of course, Karma is always the great judge, jury and executioner.

Also, when Riko goes into denial, she would start fantasizing about things that she wishes could happen. I wonder what would happen if that girl was Kana and Riko walked into the room at the time. I imagine there would be some serious drama in here.

But after all is said and done, everyone are still friends in the end, and that’s the most important thing.

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