Mar 30

Rin found something, and after a bit of struggling she finally managed to cut open the cellotape and pull open the cover flaps. I wonder whats inside… Let’s follow Rin in and find out…

Woop… watch out!

Ow (O _ O) Are you ok, Rin?

Oh it turns out she’s fine. But lookie, she’s pulled up the top bubble wrap. It looks like ARIA is written on the box. Huh? I don’t remember ordering this…

Hmm. That won’t work, Rin. I think you need a knife.

Easy does it…

Phew. It must be pretty tiring for you. The packaging’s pretty tough, it would’ve taken you all day to cut that open.

Eh? Look! Haruhi and Tsuruya are coming here to help!

Shana’s here too! Did she bring her uber sword along?

HEAVE!!! Oh c’mon Haruhi. YOU PULL TOO!

Alright! Sticking that knife there to hold it up was a good idea. Now to push it out of the box.

Eh? Who’s that up there? Saviour? He’s back from his long journey to the Cosmic Era!

Ooh. He’s gonna grab the box as it falls off the flap


Awright! We got it out!

I wonder what’s inside anyway.

Good thinking, Rin. Use a knife that’s your size.

There we go, all the bubble wrap’s almost completely taken off.

*Rin slices the paper mache* Mmmm. Hey! It actually looks like…


Oh Mai Gourd! Look at those cute little things! AKARIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

Look at how lively she looks!

Yes girls. You can play with them tomorrow.

To think, I have suddenly acquired ARIA Company. Is this destiny?

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5 Responses to “Rin has found something…”

  1. 1. jaser Says:

    Very nice.

    And lol, Saviour suddenly appear. Looks soo out of place.

  2. 2. ineser Says:

    I thought ur saviour went MIA…

  3. 3. moritheil Says:

    Thanks for the chuckle. This was a pretty creative way to announce your acquisition!

  4. 4. Kesenaitsumi Says:

    This is a wrong delivery. Actually I ordered it….Please kindly return it to the address below. Err.. Yes, Haruhi, you can play with it tomorrow first.

    54321, Bagan Lallang,
    13400 Butterworth,
    Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

  5. 5. Anito Says:

    Just a thought, but do you have the Himeya and Orange Planet too?

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