May 03

Today I went to pick Shana up from school. No, she’s actually in high school, but she was waiting on the primary school side. It was Sunday but for some reason she had to attend some sort of student council meeting. I’d imagine it would be troublesome for kids to have to wear their uniforms even on a Sunday.

Its not a very big primary school, but has got the basic playground and stuff, which was actually more elaborate than any playground I’ve played on when I was little. This is not the only playground. There is another one behind the school, and a soccer field.

The front of the school. All one-storey buildings, so there’s no danger of suicidal kids jumping off the roof.

Shana loves to climb trees too. But since she can’t go very high, I felt no need to restrain her. And yes, my figmas do a LOT more than just sit at home looking pretty.

Shana sits on the fence while I buy some groceries.

Let’s go home!

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3 Responses to “Picking Shana up from school.”

  1. 1. jaser Says:

    Did she sat on your head while eating melon pans on your way home? XD

  2. 2. astrobunny Says:

    Yes. As a matter of fact she did. >.> Now my head’s all sticky.

  3. 3. ineser Says:

    zomg we used to live near that school!!!
    Heh, its a Sunday and she still has school activities >_>

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