May 12

This episode was extremely close to FAIL, but the scenes at the end saved it from the label of FAIL, with Felli finally making her feelings true, the scene at the end is the oasis in the desert, light at the end of the tunnel, the silver lining of the clouds, the flag on a par 6 course, the cherry on the cake, the moment that makes watching all the crap before it about Reerin and that crappy heavens blade guy whose name I cannot be bothered to even run down my recognition pipeline and all that rubbish about Niina and the goat. But the end is the scene that makes Regios 18. The entire episode is the five minutes at the back. “If you wish it, I will do it” says Felli, and that is the declaration of the Gods.

You really have to love her for that incredible amount of tsun.

And dere.

For that is what makes even a low quality half-subbed raw worth watching.

Her eyes stare deep into her own heart, wondering why the hell she was only given a forsaken 5 minutes at the end in this episode. I cannot help but feel Felli is being sidelined as a character.

But, her words will live through the ages, and will continue to be spoken through the tongues of all who believe in Felli.

On a side note, it was kind of interesting to see how the both of them were speaking so politely to each other. It gave me that impression that if they were finally a couple, they would continue to speak politely to each other as if treating each other like mutual superiors. The perfect couple, in other words.

This is also the first time Felli has displayed so much emotion in her.

Even her half-closed eyes don’t fail to betray what lies beyond that delicious flat chest.

Felli will live through the ages. O hail Felli.

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