Aug 31

There is a reason I’m a figma collector. The biggest reason being Max Factory seems to know exactly what I want. They will get their money once they start releasing more win. Hakurei Reimu is one of them, but I want them to announce a Reisen Udongein Inaba too!!

Oh freakin’ finally! Since when did the chicken come before the egg? I mean, cmon! Nanoha and Fate needed to grow up first before they became the melon-endowed ladies that we know now.

I am ESPECIALLY looking forward to this one, since it’s fate in barrier jacket form. I mean, look at that pseudo-skirt and that massive Bardiche. Oh man I can’t wait to get this blonde loli to hold that massive sword form of Bardiche. Also, twintailed blonde is win win win.

Out classic goodey-two-shoes loli Nanoha is FINALLY ANNOUNCED. Like, I was waiting like, forever for them to make this one. This one is long overdue. Come to think of it, where’s Hayate? (non-trap ver.)

Loli no. 3! Woot. Vita will finally complete Hayate’s circle of Minions. Wait. No not yet. We need Reinforce too and Reinforce Two. Where are they? MAX FACTORY, BRING THEM OUT NOW.

And yes, gun toting DFC’s are ALWAYS welcome on my shelf.

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3 Responses to “Figmas that I can’t wait to be released”

  1. 1. jaser Says:

    “Also, twintailed blonde is win win win.”

    *Cough* Butler Nakamura *Cough*

  2. 2. Konata Says:

    Awesome I’m looking forward to these figmas now I now what I should get since my brother told me he would get me one…hard choice though…..=A=;

  3. 3. tragic comedy Says:


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