Sep 10

So I was out at work grinding and levelling up at the office and the postman decided to come over and deliver the loot I got at the dungeon. So Kyonko, Nagato and Tsuruya saw the thing and decided to help themselves with it, while Haruhi takes photos and orders them around.

So the first thing was to cut the box where it was weakest, down the center of the opening. Tsuruya took a Nice Boat knife and started hacking away at the duct tape on top.

Because it was so thick, it took her a while to get it open. When she finally did, the box seemed too much for the poor girls to push up and fold down. So Nagato decided to make use of her connection to the Integrated Sentient Data Entity to speed things up a bit.

Haruhi commented: “Oh the boxes aren’t as strong as they used to be.”

The box was finally opened, and they started wondering how they would pull the mess of plastic bubble wrap out of the box.

Ok so this box really isn’t anything special. Its just a bunch of di:stage sets and Konata Summer Uniform. I badly needed the di:stage sets because of this:

The girls need some earthquake-proofing. If you have figmas, do you put them on their stands, or do you do something else to earthquake-proof them? Accidentally hitting the cabinet counts as earthquakes too.

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3 Responses to “This month’s monster drop”

  1. 1. Runningkid Says:

    Your room must be so full!!! Just tell me if you need to dispose of anything ;D ill be right there.

  2. 2. Koharu Says:

    LOL at Yuki lying on the packaging!!

  3. 3. Yumeka Says:

    Awesome group photo at the end! They really make a Kyonko figma? ~_^

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