Dec 27

Today we are treated to a very awesome swimsuit parade, courtesy of Academy City.

Kuroko tries to show off her very awesome figure. Much love to Dakota Fried Colonels.

We also see some very exotic and very inspired uh… snake on ribbon. I bet we’ll see something similar in the next Victoria’s Secret night out.

Sure to put the audience out of their wits.

And here are some shots of our girls in action. I would so want to be the guy who would invent this Star Trek-like photon holography room.

I will lavish on them grandeur and excess, and place her friends in positions of power.

I will give them great long lives of wonderful relaxation and recuperation.

My heart flutters like a dove, seeing how hot the ladies are.

I wish to be the sailmast pole section, and protect all those who cling on to me.

My fingers would spare no measure of care whilst caressing those amazing backs, in the morning as the sun rises from the mountains.

And let them stare in awe at the great erections that once stood in the mighty Lunar City.

I want to eat the delicious food cooked by them too…

And have great picnics with them too!

… and take great pictures of them with their spoon in their mouths ^^

I wonder if JC Staff has a shrine somewhere. Offerings are long overdue.

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