Jan 16

Ok so today I suddenly acquired something I never thought I would actually get. It was actually because my last phone died a painful and horrible death. Kagami was pretty excited about my new keitai for some reason. I thought Japanese people weren’t impressed by the iPhone?

Kagami then figured everything out about the phone in minutes. But I wanted to put my techno and awesome pictures in there, along with some apps so I decided to hook it up to my computer.

So it started installing…

and then failed.

I decided it wasn’t worth my time. I’ll get a new phone later.

Since playing with Kagami is far more fun. TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE

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5 Responses to “Stupid phone”

  1. 1. Kairu90 Says:

    Your Kagami is so cute! lol, I didnt think the iphone was too popular in general, but a friend from work has one and loves it

  2. 2. Ryan A Says:

    ROFL, I love it.

  3. 3. Arokan Says:

    You’re pretty brave, getting an iphone in NZ.

    Good luck getting an kind of reception more than a few k outside of chch. My friends one doesn’t even get reception in the entirety of Victoria university (As you may know, right in the middle of wellington) and both Palmeston North and Hamilton remain seemingly half reception-less.

  4. 4. astrobunny Says:

    Happily I’m hardly ever outside chch, and my only use for the phone is for calling and texting. Besides, who would want to surf the internet on a bright sunny day at the beach?

  5. 5. Arokan Says:

    Bright sunny days?

    Sorry, I forgot what those were, with living in Wellington and all.

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