May 11

Nowadays with so many people crossdressing, maybe parents should rethink their view on dressing their boys as girls as “just for fun”. It might have some interesting effects, such as on the fetishes they develop.

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5 Responses to “I’m being hugged by a TRAAAAAAAAAAAAAP”

  1. 1. Ryan A Says:

    Old folk tales of dressing baby boys up as girls… I don’t get it, but lol Sou-chan~

  2. 2. astrobunny Says:

    Yeah. Dresses and gowns seemed to be the ideal clothing back then. Well, I guess it facilitated some activities, and it was easy to make.

  3. 3. Tragic comedy Says:

    not too long ago it wasnt uncommon for parents to dress up their boys as girls…

  4. 4. Gunstray Says:

    RAAAAAGGGHHJIIII!!!!! Im sorry I have to go Brick anyone who takes a liking on traps >=]

  5. 5. wil Says:

    wish my parents would do that and such a cute pic they should not only do it with little boys

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