May 29

I for one, am still the same person I was every certain sample period of years back. But that’s besides the point. We all love to see a bit of what our K-ON girls were like back when they were little…

Well, they were the same. Yui has continued her long tradition of blissful ignorance. And Nodoka, being the model student she always was.

Of course, I’m sure melted curry cubes taste nice too.

Or takoyaki without the tako…

Yui and Nodoka apparently aren’t the only ones with unchanging personalities…

Love the 3rd Eye. Her forehead seems to have enough slots for one.

… and Azusa is cute as ever <3

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2 Responses to “Difficult Truths: Some people never change”

  1. 1. Jesus159159159 Says:

    Love the 3rd Eye. Her forehead seems to have enough slots for one.

    Haha, good one! =P

    Also, Azusa was pretty cute during her “jiiiiiii~” moment. I especially liked the sound-effect!

  2. 2. Ryan A Says:

    Azusa’s “stare for the story” was a great little moment. ^___^

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