Jun 27

On Thursday I returned to Singapore in transit back to New Zealand, and took some pictures of what I did there.

This is a picture of Marina Square, which me and a wolf walked past on the way to Marina Bay Sands

Since Marina Bay Sands opened that day, we decided to go up and visit the top.

First we had to walk down a path that led to a lot of construction sites.

And then walk under the immense building.

After we got up, we then started to realize how high the buildings were.

Kagami enjoyed herself. I just had a chance to face my fear of heights.

And they seemed to be constructing a death star of some sort.

Picture of the wolf and I.

Golf course on the other side of the bay

Motorways running over the water.

Around Marina Barrage is also a site of intense construction.

Meanwhile Kagami continued to enjoy the view from the top.

As the sky grew darker, the city became lit as if stars fell out of the sky onto it.

Watching pretty sunset. Everyone nowadays seems to own an SLR and tripod.

A nice view of the very busy port of Singapore.

The golf course is now lit with lights

The financial district is a wonderful sight

View of the Marina Bay area

More views of the city

A stadium being built for the youth olympics.

It started raining after it became dark, so we went back into the hotel buildings

Inside the hotel buidling. You can see where each of the 3 towers rise from the main building

The helix bridge just outside the sands building

View of the marina bay sands hotel from below at night

On the next day, we headed out to a karaoke box. Reimu decided to ride on the wolf’s shoulder

On the way, I saw a colonial style hotel that looked really out of place among the boxes.

There were nice fountains.

Botan becomes interested in Reimu

Kagami and Reimu had mock battles while we were singing in the K-box

They seemed to have learned that from Ip Man

Me and Konata!

We also met the plum, ume and sentinel011 from The Bonkurasu Brigade.

Kagami and me <3

After the Karaoke, we all headed out to dinner

Which involved some very nice dishes. More on this later.

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  1. 1. Kesenaitsumi Says:

    wow… All those building looked fantastic… ^^ Would like to visit both singapore and new zealand in the future.

  2. 2. Ryan A Says:

    Not sure how I missed this, but some amazing photos there :) And BUNNIES

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