Sep 11

And Yui looks like a walking comedy no matter what she does.

I want to speed eat pocky too.

And I’ve always been jealous of these great people who are the student council president, and have their pictures set up on the school for future generations to see.

K-ON seems to aim to highlight the sadness of all our lives by showing us how much fun you could have back in school.

And all those times where we get together for none other than getting together but using some activity as an excuse.

Though its not like we can’t still have fun like that! is probably what this show is trying to tell me

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3 Responses to “K-ON is so awesome its depressing”

  1. 1. Someonewanwan Says:

    This show is telling you that your school days sucked. neeneer neener =3

  2. 2. alucard13mm Says:

    high school wasnt that fun XD.. university isnt that fun either..

  3. 3. temperus Says:

    This show is cathartic to anyone who’s high school life sucked, and wished they just sat around eating cake and playing music. It’s kind of like how Aria is cathartic to anyone who wishes their early careers were full of friends helping them become aces through friendly competition.

    That’s why these series exist, isn’t it? You can call them awesome, but don’t stop to think about why they’re awesome or you might realize why and get depressed :)

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