Oct 10

While few can understand or even take in the POWER that this student council holds, I understand it perfectly. The mind and the soul must become ONE before one can even expect to reasonably lay their eyes on the Honnouji Academy’s Student Council President.

While one is tempted to compare said show to Gurren Lagann, one would say it takes the genre further. Kill La Kill features tensions that run so high, it goes beyond over the top. The people who live in this city has the writer’s admiration. They all either are or aregrowing into the very definition of the person who will cause embarrassment to the paragon of their own character.

The student council’s second-in-command features superb pursuit skills. While that is an understatement, his ability to singlehandedly jam an existing dimension into the two dimensions that he lives in would force anyone to look at themselves with bitter dismay.

Nevermind the explosive action and the over the top screaming, this show wastes no time, and not a second passes that does not prove its point. In this show not only the characters transcend the outer limits of reason, the narration is no less powerful. There are no side-distractions, no useless dialog. Only the tempered, rock solid extremes of what is possible in an animation.

In this show the student council president is apparently the daughter of the school director, to whom every useless adult in the school bows to. The show continues to make, rub in and tenderize its scorn for the people who are “just doing their job”. There is no worth in a life of submission, and this show carves that picture out of cold hard steel.

With every show, there needs to be a protagonist. While in too many shows writers shy away from breaking too far from the tradition of the protecting the protagonist for fear that their story loses cohesion, this show has no such restraint.

Kill La Kill shows Plot Armor to be physically very very useless. Our hero (intentional), though pompous and direct, is not spared of utter humiliation and defeat at the hands of low ranking minions in the student council’s service.

The lengths to which this show drives the viewer into does not end in just hard gore, bellowed throats and impossible martial arts, it also extends in the moe section. This is anime after all, and the token girl must exist to maintain the balance of whatever it is that maintains the metaverse that these characters live in.

Another token loli exists in the student council, where undoubtedly the number of stars signifies that her size is no indication of her power.

The story also casts no shadows on the sources of our hero’s salvation. No useless flashbacks or side stories to fill in the gaps. What exists exists and all that is laid bare for the viewer to digest. We see the hero meeting the most powerful sailor uniform in all of anime history, one that moves of its own power and is shaped like itself.

Our story then proceeds to unclothe the typical story of cliché, and causes the most overused and menacing hostage situation (combined with hot oil and tempura crumbs) to become comic relief while STILL telling the story in all faithfulness.

While we can describe the bounds of all mathematical constructs, there are no words for the bounds this show creates and breaks. The fight between our hero and the minion are brief, but menacing, capricious and injudicious yet it is expected, but the state of mind it takes us in while performing the very tasks we realize are expected at its conclusion, are merely a sign of things to come.

Definitely following this one.

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