Aug 17

Fall is coming soon, and along with it comes the ripest season for good anime to come out. Lately, there has been a trend of some of the nicest and most memorable anime series coming out in the fall season of the year. Coincidence or not, fall is probably the season I look forward to the most of all seasons for good things to watch. You can be sure I will expand my watchlist quite a bit come autumn 2008.

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Jul 22

I have managed to get my hands on KyoAni’s latest and last rendition of the CLANNAD series. If you haven’t watched it, I suggest you don’t read on because it will completely spoil the episode for you. Like, seriously. KyoAni has managed to overdo themselves and bring back the magic that gave life to Kanon and Haruhi. Much as my blogging skills suck, this is one show I cannot neglect to pay tribute to.

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May 04


The Japanese people have talent for making people go WTF. I know I’m late but this seriously boggled my mind for sometime, but I finally got it. Maybe CLANNAD bread was made because one of the main characters in CLANNAD sells bread! But why in a can? Is it easier to label this way?

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Apr 14


After missing the last 5 minutes of the last episode as a result of a big big ***********************, I was shocked to see this. I can’t believe I missed the most important part!!! Argh! As if not having enough time to troll around and look out for the spring season’s new anime is enough, I have to suffer the torment of missing something in the middle! This is unacceptable! – is what I thought until I was overcome by Nagisa’s extreme dereness that gave me a moe explosion. I’m not one to simply go boom from dereness but Nagisa has always been very popular with me.


Also from this episode, I never knew how strong Mei was. I must admit, if the bread tasted like shattered glass, I would never have the strength to go further and flatter the maker on how good it is with a straight face. This must be one of those qualities you lose when you grow up. I also never knew how good she was at doing business. By exploiting the fact that Nagisa is cute… she took this:


… and turned it to this…


… and made this…

A true creator indeed. In other news, I have also learned from this anime that when your imagination runs wild, try and hit the brakes hard, because the next two pictures should be taken with a bit of salt. I mean, I never knew Okazaki had such a vivid imagination… It actually felt like it was right… but I really find that disgusting. Like, worse than Akiko jam and Akio bread.



The picture above was the gheyest scene ever. Like, literally. I didn’t want to take the picture after this one because it was disgusting beyond words. I mean, I cannot imagine anyone wearing boxers with a big heart on them. And I don’t even want to imagine two shops selling a pair of them. *goes off to puke. Ugh… Kyoani, what have you done? Those were the most rotten scenes ever! >_<” It must be punishment for not following the series faithfully enough. Though, this episode has one saving grace:


I’m sure they’ll make a lovely couple.

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Apr 09


Love is the most often recurring theme in anime. Actually, it occurs so often its not funny. Every friggin show out there that you see is chock full of the words “suki”, “aishiteru”, “dakishimete” etc etc etc words of romance. Take -ef- for example. Their script was probably written by a little girl smitten with fantasy stories that came out of Enid Blyton… hold it, before you open your mouth any larger, I’m just ranting here. I know ef came from a kickass hentai game… ‘s ass.


Romance is often used to back a story up much like any other plot device. Making characters unsure and unaware of their relationship makes it all the more true to life. This is one of my favorite scenes from Myself;yourself that really put me on the edge of my chair. Well, not quite, but it did make the anime all the more exciting. I mean every show has got to have some of this stuff right?


It seems that whenever a character in an anime gets featured in a romantic relationship, no matter how unpopular they would be, their ratings naturally shoot up. A prime example of this is Nagisa from CLANNAD who simply isn’t the most popular girl in the anime and might as well become another girl-who-sits-in-the-resource-room if not for her redeeming relationship with Okazaki. This goes to show that love is indeed a strong basis for a plot, and the strange mechanics of the human mind simply makes those who are in love popular.


Of course, sometimes love is also used as a device to smash the story into the face of the audience. Shock therapy is conveyed via love in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu’s last few scenes where Kyon kisses Haruhi. Despite not being quite the classic example of romantic indifference in anime, it certainly brings to life the characters by reminding people of how love in real life constantly exists in this form. Of course, the climax, long awaited for by all those who anticipate it, make the story all the more rewarding if it happens just at the end.


Love Hina used the same technique by constantly delaying the final makeout scene to the very last episode of the Love Hina Again OVA. The moment it happened, I could’ve sworn I went “AWWWWWWW” in my head.

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Feb 08

One of the biggest reasons I watch CLANNAD and ignore the really weird and random story (or lack thereof) is the fact that it is made my KyoAni. And this automatically means that the girls in the show are moe. And they are not just moe. They are moe to the MAX.

First of all, I’d love to talk about the Fujibayashi twins. They are pure win. Like epic win. They must be born of angels, and are too good to be true. Though there are twins like them around they still qualify to be one of the 7 wonders of human genetics if they really existed.
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Jan 27

Do you see any resemblance? Maybe Youhei was an adopted child?

CLANNAD is finally getting a move on with the Nagisa x Tomoya action. Oh man, how long do I have to withstand this torture!? When will Okazaki stop being gay and look at Nagisa! UGH. Stupid screenwriters, always leaving the good stuff to the end and then rushing it. Lets hope this does not turn into a ZnT 2-2

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Dec 24


What better day to have a Birthday?

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Dec 24


Alright. Forget what I said about the new 3rd gen iPod Nano being fat and stupid. If it can let me bring my Tomoyo and Kyou around, its FRIGGIN AWESOME. Watching CLANNAD videos on an iPod is so sweet because it’s aspect ratio is ACTUALLY 3:4! Which is very very iPod friendly indeed. Getting the episodes on to the iPod was a chore but hey, it was ALL WORTH IT.

Doing it isn’t hard really, it was the part where I had to figure it out. Anyway, if you want to learn, I wrote some instructions here. You need Linux though.

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Dec 16


If I didn’t know better, Kotomi has been developed pretty well in the CLANNAD series. Finally ending a spell of sleepiness when I’m watching recent anime. Shana has gotten boring with all the love-love jealousy and righteousness antics, and CLANNAD finished off the Fuuko part so all of a sudden there seems to be nothing that is worth watching, and Myself;yourself seems to be going down the road of the nice boat. Not all is lost however, Kotomi-chan is here to save the day! … or break it in some cases.

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