Aug 07

I think that despite this episode being the last episode of a long line of the same episode, the reason for calling this episode a breath of fresh air is not that it is the end of a crucifying series of constant reanimation of the same thing, but rather the fact that KyoAni has put some effort into making Haruhi’s tantrum scene an amazing one. For some reason, this angry girl looks very cute to me. This is a picture post of just Haruhi.
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Jul 21

She’s lovable but Yuu is still better.
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Jul 08

A particular trailer in March caught my eye and made me anticipate this series. Princess Lover is an adaptation of an eroge (again) that has that generic harem (again) and lots of rich girls (again). This post is going to be filled with might-be-spoilers but if you don’t mind getting a preview of the first episode (which was actually quite packed) do so at your own risk.
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Jun 17

Nagi and Maria sure have some weird tastes. This is actually a picture post of our Sweetie Pie and Raison D’etre. Katsura Hinagiku, as a celebration of the coming of her in-show birthday on Hinamatsuri Matsuri and of the way she blushes.
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Jun 08

Those of you who watch Valkyria Chronicles just for Alicia raise your hand. *raises hand*. One comes to wonder how a girl of such a pedigree would end up joining the armed forces. Whats more, she’s still allowed to wear that weird red hat with her twintails. Aren’t those annoying when you’re in a pinch on the battlefield!?
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Jun 08

Oho. This was unexpected. For the class’s top pervert and loser to be going out with the class beauty is one of those things which happen so often in real life that you’d wonder how anything of that sort happens. Hatsukoi Limited is really picking up on this.
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May 11

Not too long ago I suddenly acquired a nendoroid Louise. Why Louise? Well, no particular reason really. It turned out that she looked a bit cuter than everyone else, including Miku that prompted me to get her. Besides, we needed to balance the incredible amount of yellow already on my desk.
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Apr 12

After opening Saber Lily, I thought I’d just open up the rest of my Fate/Stay Night figmas. Though I’m not an EXTREMELY big fan of Fate/Stay Night, I liked Rin enough to be able to not die of boredom from the despicable lameness and lack of logic in the anime series. Yes, I have played the games too, and the hentai scenes right at the end make playing through the long and occasionally exciting and well drawn visual novel worth the entire thing. If you just download the HCGs, its not as fun as if you actually bought and played through the whole game. Trust me on this.
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Apr 11

We met and you were the worst fool
My anger for you will never cool
I could just drown you in a pool
But you are more useful as a mule.

And sometimes I wish I never found
you for your foolishness is too profound
I can’t stand how my heart pounds
at the sight of you and at your sounds

… still if the sky comes down on you
I’ll make sure that your dream comes true
For once I have something to keep too
to love, protect and to help you through

Thanks Suicider, for the amazing pic!

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Mar 29

Felli is probably the ONLY thing that is keeping me watching Regios. The immense suspense in waiting for her to show up with her tsundere antics is almost akin to waiting for an eclipse to occur so you can take photographs of it, minus most of the wait, because the anime is just FULL of Felli, and I’m definitely not complaining.
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