When one comes to talk about anime, one usually talks about their characters. Yes. As with every story, the characters give life to a story. Without characters, a story is like a donut without a hole, o-mochi without rice, and sashimi without fish. Thus, we come to a conclusion. The most important part of anime is the characters. This is what this is all about. From now on, if I am not blogging about episodes, or complaining about how badly Shinn should be the main character in Gundam Seed Destiny and not Kira, or if I am not talking about whether Haruhi should have a second season, or if I am not giving excuses on why I'm taking so long to TL Negima!? I'll talk about characters from various anime.

<beware, there may be spoilers>

THUS! Today, I shall talk about a character from the anime Negima!?, which is probably one of the most random anime shows I have ever seen. Yes that is why I want to share it with everyone. Enough of introduction, lets get on with the character.

Picture 1 in [Bonge Bonge (ボンゲボンゲ)]
Name: Bonge Bonge (Catherine)
Blood Type: ?
D.O.B: ?
Favorite food: ?
Dislikes: Suka girls walking into its mouth when its upside down
Likes: Randomly appearing for no apparent reason and getting chased by the exploration group

Picture 2 in [Bonge Bonge (ボンゲボンゲ)]
The Bonge Bonge, apparently is an overgrown chick(en) with no hair and has 4 legs. It is yellow in colour and about 10 meters in height and 20 meters in length. This creature only exists in the magical world where Negi and his students are trapped in after an ordeal against one of the Evil Fairies. Apparently, one of the more sighted creatures apart from the unique birds which fly and tweet in an odd fashion. It appears occasionally, walking around the Mahora Academy campus. Takamichi and Eva call it "Catherine"

Picture 3 in [Bonge Bonge (ボンゲボンゲ)]
Asuna Kagurazaka, the leader of the exploration group, who coined the name, is hellbent over catching the Bonge Bonge (even as a Suka). She wishes to avenge Zazie for being thrown many meters into the air by the Bonge Bonge in an attempt to catch it with a net, and causing her to land on a nearby spire on the academy. Apparently she has expressed no intention to catch the Bonge Bonge for research purposes.

The Bonge Bonge first appears in the episode where the 3 groups are formed to conduct operations essential to the class's survival in the magic world. Asuna makes the assumption that unknown dangers do not pose a threat to the explorers until the Bonge Bonge shows up, instantly changing her mind. In response, she orders Mana to prepare larger traps in anticipation of the beast.

Picture 4 in [Bonge Bonge (ボンゲボンゲ)]
The Bonge Bonge is a gentle giant, and usually produces a wail similar to that of an elephant. It has harmed no one so far, but the exploration group continues to take precautionary measures to avoid the class from being harmed by the creature.

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