Tonight is another night of doing that evil management report. Yes. The one which takes 45 marks away if you don't do it and gives 45 marks to you if you do it. Yes. It is evil I know. That's why, I hate it. However, since my nights are like lemons, I still managed to squeeze a bit of time out to do a few sketches of Tsukamoto Tenma and Tsukamoto Yakumo. WooT!

And so, to celebrate, I shall give everyone a chance to choose WHICH School Rumble character I should blog about! I can't figure it out so I need you guys to choose. Please drop a comment and the character with the most comments will be blogged!

I'll view the blog this Friday and write the blog on Saturday. Its gonna be one serious blog so make sure you make the right choice!

Name: Tsukamoto Tenma 塚本天満
Date Of Birth: 30th November
Blood Type: B
Likes: Karasuma Ouji
Dislikes: Perverts
Abilities: Message Archery, High-speed cycling, Tying weird hairstyles |

Name: Tsukamoto Yakumo 塚本八雲
Date Of Birth: 23rd March
Blood Type: AB
Likes: Cooking
Dislikes: Hanai-kun
Abilities: Read the mind of those who like her


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