You wouldn't guess what I just saw when I was just "looking around". Oh well, yes it's written all over my face. It seems Blizzard has finally gotten up from its lazy ass enjoying all the gold piling in from their huge past hits StarCraft, WarCraft3 and the World of Warcraft. They have just announced that StarCraft 2 DOES exist, completely putting a stop to all the debates and flames around the forums of the world on whether we will ever see the world Arcturus and Tassadar has crafted over the Brood War. Well. The cat's out of the bag, and finally we hear the cries of the Zerg again.

From the looks of IGN's screenshots, it seems like this game is no more than a "hip" looking version of StarCraft. I mean seriously. I don't see any difference in the interface, and they have used too many gradients. They ought to go easy on the gradients and instead make models that DON'T look like elementary school toys. I mean c'mon. I can see Calvin playing with these.

However, since its not out yet, no reason to complain. It might just be the next best thing to come out this millenium. Like the marine in the trailer said: " Hell... Its about time".

written by astrobunny \\