I'm sure everyone has heard of this "alien" and object of admiration of geeks and computer programmers, and savior of the day (usually). Sheis Yuki Nagato from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, just in case you guys still don't know. Why did I decided to post this picture? I dunno. I did it on a whim. Possibly because she hacked the Computer Club's dodgy game and killed Asakura Ryoko during the fight to save Kyon. Or maybe its because she is the object of all lolicon fantasies and (don't get me wrong, I'm not one of them ^_^;) has her own figure selling on Amazon for 5000+ yen. Whatever awesomeness she potentially possesses, one thing is for certain. Hundreds and hundreds of doujinshi out there is about her and sometimes her and Kyon, which I'm not particularly fond of, since I am a KyonxHaruhi fan. However, I've posted some random comics of her, when I never managed to write a post like yesterday. However, I don't feel particularly motivated today because it is cold and I have a room to tidy up, computer(s) to reformat, DVDs to burn and anime to translate. So going out today wasn't such a good idea after all o.o. Oh well, at least I got to have Nasi Lemak again today. so here's another comic to keep you all entertained

written by astrobunny \\