Nov 09


What stink?

I’m sure all of you have watched Lucky Star and wondered how everytime they start a scene with a conversation already going on, Kagami and friends would usually be talking about something that “stinks”. Every time one of the episodes have this sort of scene, I go back to bed and wonder “what in the world is that stink anyway?”, and find it hard to sleep.

What exactly is this “stinking thing anyway?” What could possibly be the “shit” that Kagami and friends so happened to be talking about everytime we start looking at them? It gets even more suspicious. Why do they stop immediately once the scene begins and changes the subject? Maybe it’s Kagamin’s cake.

/me runs














Finally, in episode 23, it starts to smell good. What do you guys think stinks anyway? Could it be this:


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13 Responses to “Lucky Star: What stink?”

  1. 1. Crisu Says:

    To me, it was one of those subtle running gags that remained great every time it was used. We can’t repeat it in real life since we just don’t walk in on conversations like that on a daily basis. I mean, how many times do you go into work and your two best friends are always talking to each other, ready for you to eavesdrop?

    It has definitely made me aware of the verb ‘to stink’ in Japanese, though, as I may occasionally hear it in other anime.

    (Kagami’s house phone’s handset is abnormally large..)

  2. 2. DKellis Says:

    I wondered the same thing.

  3. 3. Kesenaitsumi Says:


  4. 4. SteelGolem Says:

    dammit why hasn’t anyone figured this out yet! WHAT IS IT THATS STINKY >_<#

  5. 5. archie87 Says:

    I took it as a series of fart jokes and thought it was absolutely hilarious. i think just before they cut to the scene, one of them lets it rip and they find it hilarious how damn stinky their farts are

  6. 6. Minoru Says:

    My name isn’t Sebastian!

    But, yeah! It is hilarious! I love Lucky Star!

    Lucky Channel!

    ***checks where Akira is***

  7. 7. troll Says:


  8. 8. Konata's apprentice Says:

    I always found this hilarious. Don’t think foo deeply about it, it’s just a joke lol.

  9. 9. Animeace Says:

    Lol its been bugging me for a while too, i really want to know!

  10. 10. Raidy Says:

    Balsamic Vinegar.

  11. 11. @SugahBoogah Says:

    ^ agreed!

  12. 12. What's that smell? Says:

    There was a reference in Kannagi ep 3 as well, lol.

    It really does stink though.

  13. 13. Becca Says:

    I know what stinks… the fact that we don’t know what they’re talking about.

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