Dec 24


Alright. Forget what I said about the new 3rd gen iPod Nano being fat and stupid. If it can let me bring my Tomoyo and Kyou around, its FRIGGIN AWESOME. Watching CLANNAD videos on an iPod is so sweet because it’s aspect ratio is ACTUALLY 3:4! Which is very very iPod friendly indeed. Getting the episodes on to the iPod was a chore but hey, it was ALL WORTH IT.

Doing it isn’t hard really, it was the part where I had to figure it out. Anyway, if you want to learn, I wrote some instructions here. You need Linux though.

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4 Responses to “CLANNAD on the move!”

  1. 1. Necromancer Says:

    you mean an aspect ratio 4:3(width then height, not the other way round), I’d rather use the 16:9 release and put it on my PSP

  2. 2. Otakutimes Says:

    I think I will stick to using my laptop for watching anime on the move and my 2nd gen nano for listening to music. How readable are the subs on such a small screen?

  3. 3. astrobunny Says:

    They are quite readable actually, unless you’re farsighted, or the quality is too bad. Though looking at the small screen can become tiring at times, it’s a great way to wait for the dentist. Besides, this was never meant to be a replacement for big screen viewing.

  4. 4. ineser Says:

    ermm did u just bought a “fat” nano?

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