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I have managed to get my hands on KyoAni's latest and last rendition of the CLANNAD series. If you haven't watched it, I suggest you don't read on because it will completely spoil the episode for you. Like, seriously. KyoAni has managed to overdo themselves and bring back the magic that gave life to Kanon and Haruhi. Much as my blogging skills suck, this is one show I cannot neglect to pay tribute to.

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"You don't have to wake me up every morning you know"
"I can't leave it like this. I'm your girlfriend after all"

I really thought that they skipped a really tragic Tomoya-Nagisa fight.

CLANNAD 24 is set in a different universe to the other 23 episodes that ran before this one, and thusly has a different story to it. I was surprised at first when it wasn't Nagisa, but Tomoyo actually going to wake Tomoya up in the morning. For the first few minutes and in the opening, the question "Where is Nagisa!?" constantly floated in my head. It soon became clear that this isn't the universe that we had come to know and love in the last 23 episodes. This episode felt different. It felt... lonelier.

Picture 3 in [Clannad 24: Tomoyo's Part]
"Are you sure its ok for you not to be in class?"
"Yeah. I feel calmer when I'm with you"

That was probably the feeling KyoAni wanted to portray. Their relationship is very isolated, and the entire show only shows the two of them being together. It was as if they could not be happier when they are alone with each other, even more so if no one else existed. And that's how it's supposed to feel when your feelings are true towards another.

Picture 4 in [Clannad 24: Tomoyo's Part]
"Some say you were elected to the council as a joke"

Wonderful as their relationship was, it was not approved by many. Teachers and students, for many reasons, were not happy with them being so close to each other. It seemed absurd for Tomoya, a delinquent who skips school, loiters, breaks rules, lazes around and gets bad grades, to be in such a close relationship with Tomoyo, an achiever, hard worker, ambitious, kind girl that gets good grades. Generally, these reflect some realities of modern society. A culture of achievement places pressure on people to view one's worth in terms of ability, achievement and attitude. I guess that wasn't exactly the kind of view Tomoyo and Tomoya wanted of their contemporaries.

Picture 5 in [Clannad 24: Tomoyo's Part]
"But that's how we are."

Tomoyo is right. That's how they are. I would feel jealous too if the head prefect I admired was with a good-for-nothing who doesn't study and just wastes his life sitting around the coffeeshops and being sorry for himself. Of course, it is all a matter of choice. Tomoyo would have made that choice, and like many of us after we made a choice, somehow feel that it was the best choice ever made, and is happy with it.

Picture 6 in [Clannad 24: Tomoyo's Part]

Even as she continues to become a very busy Student Council President, she even manages to make bento for Tomoya and his friend, Sunohara. I guess that there is a reason why great people are well... great.

Picture 7 in [Clannad 24: Tomoyo's Part]

That actually looks yummy! Can you guess which is whose?

Picture 8 in [Clannad 24: Tomoyo's Part]

Most of you may have said the colours of the cloth were a plain giveaway. I think that kind of attention to detail, is nothing short of... welll great. (I can't find a better word.)

Picture 9 in [Clannad 24: Tomoyo's Part]

She even tries to sneak away to be with Tomoya. I don't think anyone would say I'm wrong if I said Tomoya is extremely lucky to have someone like her. The guy in front of them however, seems to be Tomoyo's number two. I think he looks like a lightbulb in that scene, although he looks smart and is the archetypical studious student who makes it to the top in curricular and extracurricular activities, he just looks like a nut and a fool doing that to them.

Picture 10 in [Clannad 24: Tomoyo's Part]
"Let's break up"
"I told you not to joke about it."

Tomoya however, knows the reality of their relationship: Tomoyo being with a delinquent gives her a bad image, which is counter-productive to her mission of saving the Sakura trees in the city, and their relationship will continue to interfere with her duties as Student Council President, even if she isn't bothered by it.

Picture 11 in [Clannad 24: Tomoyo's Part]

Of course, I wouldn't expect Tomoyo to simply accept the breakup. They are so deep into their relationship that a breakup would feel like a nail was being pried off a finger.

Picture 12 in [Clannad 24: Tomoyo's Part]
"Go, and do what you set out to achieve, so I can remember that I was with such a great person"
"Thank you, for going out with a girl like me"

Tomoya, not wishing to start a fight, promised that he would continue to struggle on his own in earnest without support from Tomoyo, so she can leave with less worries about him. Tomoyo, unquestionably having an unfailing amount of faith in him, takes his word, and leaves reluctantly. This part almost made me cry. I could see that it was a painful moment, and the producers did a good job in bringing that out.

Picture 13 in [Clannad 24: Tomoyo's Part]

After the breakup, Tomoya was obviously regretting it, but he was probably telling himself it would be better. Tomoyo on the other hand actually believes that its not over yet. How could it be? Even if it was something they had to go through, she knew that it wouldn't end so easily. It won't. She had other plans.

Picture 14 in [Clannad 24: Tomoyo's Part]

Of course, Tomoya, not one to go back on his word, decided to uphold what he said, and struggled to achieve at least something in his life. He studied, and attended classes regularly, making sure that the feelings he put in to making sure Tomoyo wouldn't worry would not go to waste. Even if they really broke up, it would still be for Tomoyo.

Picture 15 in [Clannad 24: Tomoyo's Part]
"I heard she was number one in the whole country!"

Tomoyo continued to climb ladders and achieve, while Tomoya continued to work hard in her memory, his passion powering his every effort, and every news of Tomoyo's exploits continue to motivate him. KyoAni actually brought out the stark contrast between Tomoyo and Tomoya, both people in two different worlds, but still, somehow, mystically attached no matter what part of their lives were broken. Truly a love story to be acclaimed.

Picture 16 in [Clannad 24: Tomoyo's Part]

Then came the time of Tomoya. This actually moved me too, since it reminded me of a time I was once hunting for a job too, and that in itself was an adventure I would never forget.

Picture 17 in [Clannad 24: Tomoyo's Part]
"I still like you"

All's well ends well. After Tomoya's graduation, Tomoyo showed Tomoya that things would never be right without him. She had finally reached the end of a long, daunting journey of saving the trees, and showed to Tomoyo that it didn't matter who he was, but because he did struggle and do everything for her, she wanted to continue the relationship.

So it seems, they would be together for years to come.

Heh, most of you reading would probably be asleep by now. I don't have much talent with words, but please bear with me for one last paragraph.

Picture 18 in [Clannad 24: Tomoyo's Part]

This picture would probably be engraved in my head for years to come. It's hard to imagine a romance so pure, and so selfless. I personally haven't been in such a relationship before, and its shows like these that make me yearn for it. But we all know not all of us are fortunate in that sense. How do most of your relationships go? Are they like Tomoyo and Tomoya? Do you believe in such a mutual love? And if you had one, would you let go of it?

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