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So I was bored over the weekend and decided to try a game that has been released by Hinano and the blogging community not too long ago. I must say it was pretty well made for an indie game, and certainly not a bad effort on the part of the designers and artists. The game was written in Python, so I could guess they did that to save on the work needed to get the basic boilerplate up and running. But, enough of the geeky stuff. Let's see what these guys have got.

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Whoa that was quick.

Alright, so most of the beginning of the game is simple go around, see stuff, meet friends. You are Chase, the new guy who's going to study at NYU. The games starts with you arriving at the airport and then going through a bit of getting lost, and finally arriving at your friend's place where you will be living. The next day is then a bit of walking around and getting to know the girls in your class and around the city. This lucky bastard gets to meet 3 girls in his second week in New York. How jealous can you get? So we meet some girls, some girls are pretty normal. Some are like Natsuko. Actually, I was wondering how she has a Japan-poi name but is studying Japanese in an American university. Oh well, I guess this game is just about the moeness and the story, so who cares. She's hot.

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Yoku itta.

Well, I kinda like bumped into this girl CJ who's just really normal and there really isn't anything exciting about her at all, but the story just flowed her way, so I went along. It seemed that the more passive I was, the more she stuffed Gyuniku into my mouth and all the boys around started going "atsui ne" and stuff like that. So she went all dere dere and tomatoes. The story seems pretty well thought out and is nice and pleasant to read. I suppose some of the game designers have taken this opportunity to reveal their inner, dark secrets.

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OMFG NO. IT CANNOT BE. NO...... Noooooooooooooooooo

The story also has little jabs here and there that are pretty internal to the anime blogging community. Some of them are pretty disturbing, but others are pretty pleasant and its a nice feeling actually get the jokes in the game. Some of the visual novels I have played had all these Japanese puns and cultural references and humour that is only funny to Japanese people sometimes it just gets slightly frustrating googling stuff just trying to "get it".

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Yes... you don't have to tell me. We skyped before.

Calawain is the nice guy that lets me sleep with him. In a good way. CJ would probably like the idea considering she's a yaoi fangirl and stuff. I'm not sure how people can be attracted to gayness of the opposite sex, but I guess if boys like yuri then the same should apply to girls as well, by induction. Universal suffrage ftw.

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I bet she wanted that ItsuxKyon book.

CJ showed her coolness (yes I think cosplaying is cool and should be taught in every primary school) when I decided to select the choice to invite her to go to the anime convention with me. It's awesome. She really looks like Nanoha, even with the glasses. I'm not sure why people get freaked out by cosplayers. I think it's a great way to indulge in fantasy once in a while to escape this cruel world. I need to learn how to sew.

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WHOA DAMN NO WAI. This dance party is awesome sugiru.

Remember how I said there were parts where the game had references that were very internal to the anime community? There were quite a few. I have only played CJ's path so far and I've noticed two. So I'm sure they'll be a lot more. Though I'm still worried that I may tread on to the Impz route, which I would never ever forgive myself for if I ever did.

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The trip to the anime convention ended with one of the scenes which all good eroge endings should have. A nice big wonderful kiss. I'm sure being able to kiss a Nanoha would be an extremely gratifying experience to many of you Nanoha fans. The game designers sure let the cat out of the bag. Overall, even though this game had a sense of indieness to it, and a lack of polish, the storyline was pretty good albeit short, but very well made for an infomal effort. Kudos to the guys/girls whose names appear in the credits. ;)

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