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Minorin is very quickly becoming my favorite girl in Toradora. Such a bubbly girl is hard to find these days. All of the girls that walk around are either emo-zombies or cynical brats who think that life in the world is hard and gossip and hate everyone around them. That, and being able to work so many part time jobs is nothing short of amazing. Hell, I wonder where she gets all that energy from. I can't even harness enough energy to blog every day! Pics after the jump.

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I lol'ed

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Lately, I've come across an anime with a very cheezy name called Birdy the Mighty Decode. Yeah it sounded like a very unusual name for an anime. More like a badly translated Spanish cartoon from the 80's with technicolor drawings and weird Nazi-styled villains. Though it wasn't really anything like that. Starting from when I watched the first episode, I realized that I was walking into something much greater...

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