Oct 18

I lol’ed

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29 Responses to “Lucky Star MMORPG in the making?”

  1. 1. Snark Says:

    Quite possibly the most epic looking mmorpg ever.

  2. 2. astrobunny Says:

    And quite possibly a potential WOW killer

  3. 3. wingsofshadowss Says:

    i heard that there is going to be a haruhi/lucky star mmorpg.

  4. 4. -,- Says:

    the best MMO ever… IT PAWNS TEH OTHERS

  5. 5. daveheart Says:

    u know this is from the ova…..

  6. 6. Duero Says:

    wooah are they makeing a lucky star MMO game ?? shit me whant

  7. 7. astrobunny Says:

    XD. If only…

  8. 8. StarDust Says:

    What’s the closest MMORPG with the look/feel of the MMORPG scene in the Lucky Star OVA which I can use on a Mac?


  9. 9. Otaku432 Says:


    An mmorpg thats most similar to the ones they played in the OVA would most likely be DOMO(Dreams of Mirrors Online) a very good MMORPG imo, but if you want something more casual go for Scions of Fate(its very good too, but DOMO is more colorful and has cutscenes! :3)

  10. 10. Lol Epicness Says:


  11. 11. Sasuke sempai Says:

    OMB I wish i could understand it fully….but who gives a care. I wike it.

  12. 12. Soooxxy Says:

    When are they bringing this out?
    Is it out yet?
    If so TELL me the URL XD

  13. 13. MagerGeek Says:

    Has the game come out yet that would be so cool! The only game that looks Close that i have seen is Luna Online.

  14. 14. ekspekt Says:

    interesting post, will come back here, bookmarked your site

  15. 15. Idiots Says:

    You guys are Idiots, its taken from the OVA, there will not be an Lucky Star MMO, I mean what do you think it will be about? Fags

  16. 16. Huang Says:

    Are there someone speak french

  17. 17. Agree Says:

    I agree with ‘Idiots’.I’ve seen Lucky star OVA and this is just a screen shot

  18. 18. Akito Says:

    What he said…

  19. 19. Kaname Says:

    Ya it’s a screen shot. Stupid screen shot, getting my hopes up >.>

  20. 20. KonataFan Says:

    It may be just a screen shot but the developer dude says that he cant make a season 2 of Lucky Star because of another new project he’s working on. Its been almost 3 years since then, you never know, chances are the mmo of Lucky Star may be that “project”. There have been alot of demands on the game being created, I’m sure sooner or later it will be somewhere available for download.

  21. 21. Garfield Santopolo Says:

    You should really take advantage of the free $25 no deposit bonus at Saturn Bingo. It’s a great place to play.

  22. 22. Konata chan Says:

    Please dont make it japenese
    because id unno it
    id do anything for this game
    id make the username

  23. 23. Lucky Star Says:

    Look noobs, anything can happen. For all you know four days from this message, the game will be made and everyone will be playing it :x

  24. 24. chris Says:

    “id make the username KonaKona”

    @Konata chan: yeah, very smart of you to post your desired nick online where anyone can see it and take it first.

    anyway, there is not going to be a mmorpg of lucky star as far as I know.
    But I would love to be wrong ;)

  25. 25. Alana Renko Says:

    If you think that’s amazing check this guy out.. tinyurl.com/37mgcy8 at first i thought it was a hoax, but no it all checks out.

  26. 26. Omi Gosh Says:

    @ Akito OmiGosh Like Akito From Furuba!!! (Fruits Basket) eek! I love that manga!

  27. 27. Tyler N Says:

    This is a screen shot -.- i wish it wer a game thaw the closet thing to the vid so far is neo online looking at the stat style and free class choice there’s not many game’s this could be based on but i hope im wrong and they are making this game id easily pay over $200 for this game it looks so awesome ^.^

  28. 28. Tsundereyo Says:

    Based on the gameplay suggested (obviously the look has to change for copyright reasons) I believe they are playing a game called AION which IS better than WoW (In my opinion) and is the #1 mmorpg in Korea but for some reason they don’t promote it very much in north america? Look up videos for the game…

  29. 29. arnothebest Says:

    just i WANT that immediatly let’s we go to play

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