Picture 1 in [The many forms of Minorin]

Minorin is very quickly becoming my favorite girl in Toradora. Such a bubbly girl is hard to find these days. All of the girls that walk around are either emo-zombies or cynical brats who think that life in the world is hard and gossip and hate everyone around them. That, and being able to work so many part time jobs is nothing short of amazing. Hell, I wonder where she gets all that energy from. I can't even harness enough energy to blog every day! Pics after the jump.

Picture 2 in [The many forms of Minorin]

Minorin the craftswoman. It would be nice to get something like that done for my keitai. But its got a screen on its other side too, so it wouldn't make much sense.

Picture 3 in [The many forms of Minorin]

Minorin the waitress. Ooooh! Why is she in a poorly-designed Danish maiden suit!? I wonder what its like to have meet your crush as a waitress in the restaurant...

Picture 4 in [The many forms of Minorin]

Minorin the storekeeper. A meat bar... how appetizing... o.o;

Hell this girl is too much. I can see why Ryuuji likes her so much now.

written by astrobunny \\ minori, minoriiiiiii!!!!