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A few days into the release of CLANNAD After Story ep 3, and people still keep going on about how cute Mei is in the episode. Well, I really wonder what took everyone so long to realize she is unnaturally cute and loveable. I for one have noticed this since Mei first arrived when Nagisa was trying to protect Tomoya from Youhei.

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Debut appearance of Mei. When she first appeared, the first thing that came across my mind was, "holy shit Youhei DOES NOT HAVE THAT SISTER". One comes to wonder if they are even from the same family, or that it was just Youhei's luck that he got all the bad genes. His sister is a composed, rational and mature person, contrasted with a guy who brings his girlfriend to an arcade on the first date.

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Cute Mei is cute. In this picture she looks like a figure straight out of a Japanese barbie doll box. The short pull over and the pink dress is an awesome fairytale dress up for a person of her age. Gotta love it when Mei went to hug Sanae and say "I'm sorry for you!"

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Mei is one of a kind when she looks back. If I didn't tell you this was a minor, you probably wouldn't know. However hard to believe, Mei is more like Youhei's Older sister more than anything. Her worries for Youhei are way more than what a normal 14-year old is usually capable of.

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IMO Mei and Tomoya could actually be brother and sister. Their hair is the same, which says something about resemblance. Their thinking patterns are also the same. Whenever someone close to them is in distress, they drop everything to help the person out. Not to mention they get along with each other so well it almost seems as if they have known each other forever.

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Okazaki's Konata face is teh lulz. If Konata were a shotacon and a little boy would call her 'Onee-san', she would probably also go into the = A = face mode and say "enough! I shalt take this no longer!"

Picture 7 in [Sunohara "moe" Mei]

The Japanese Gossip. Do not fall in the trap of the Japanese Gossip.

And now, for the obligatory Mei Onii-chan animation.

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