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In anticipation of Minamike Okaeri, I went off and got Minamike for a marathon. I was advised by other well-intended bloggers to avoid Minamike Okawari, so I decided to skip it. It turned out that Asread didn't do a very good job of Minamike Okawari. However, after having watched Minamike, and then jumping off to watching Minamike Okaeri, I realized that the differences in art style could not possibly go unnoticed, Minamike Okaeri was supposed to be made by the same people, why did it change so much?! Where did Doumu go?

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I see monkeyface. Compare the above picture from Minamike Okaeri with Chiaki from Minamike below.

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What happened to the cute loveable cynical little sister we all knew and loved?

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For a moment there I thought Kana went up several grades into high school already. She looks almost as mature as her big sister if not more. Though, that didn't happen. She was still in middle school, and pretty much the same person as in Minamike.

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This picture really made me go WTF. I wondered which crazy director actually let scenes like this through. Or maybe its really because they were pressured by money/time somehow? Regardless, its a long fall from where the art was back in Minamike:

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I really miss the good ol' cute Kana back in Minamike where she was actually drawn consistently, and had a big head. /me goes into serious art withdrawal

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At least Haruka-sama was still alright in the OP, but even the show itself was not spared from horrible trip ups

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Lookie, I can cross my eyes! WOW there are 2 of you!

Haruka from Minamike below:

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A picture is worth a thousand words, and several pictures are worth even more. No amount of essay writing can get the disappointment I have for Minamike Okaeri across. If the first episode wasn't done with rigor and passion, how can we expect the remaining episodes to be done any better? I was especially hurt by the lack of attention given to Kana. She was the cutest one in the Minami family, why did it have to turn out this way!?

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I must remind the artists that you only do THIS kind of thing in MOE animes for the sake of COMIC RELIEF.

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cute to:

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After all, the art changes from Minamike to Minamike Okaeri can be likened to a good proper production and Fanart. However small the changes look to you, it is difficult to defend the change other than citing reasons that are monetary, managerial or technical in nature. Truly, the flower should not be tainted by the soil it grew out of.

Edit: As some commenters have kindly pointed out, Minamike Okaeri is done by Asread and continues to be a pile of art fail.

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However, for every cloud there is a silver lining, and hopefully the sun will dawn again on the good, consistent and cute art we all love and miss from Minamike. Let episode 1 be the last we will ever see of the badly drawn Minami sisters.

Edit: And hopefully, may Doumu return to save us all.

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