Picture 1 in [Clannad 20: Girls and Aliens]

First of all I'd like to express how much I lol'ed at this scene, and how aliens was the subject of the conversation there. The gags in this series are just ingenious.

Picture 2 in [Clannad 20: Girls and Aliens]

Kyou as a kindergarten teacher. Certainly suits her. Something that I can't help but wonder however in this series is the atmosphere surrounding Tomoya now. It seems like all the girls he was schooling with before are thinking of hitting on him, now that they know he's a widower. And why not? He's shown some amazing capacity for love, and he's got a REALLY REALLY cute daughter.

Picture 3 in [Clannad 20: Girls and Aliens]

So is Fuuko, having being sick for so long, but spiritually linked to the Okazakis, she seems to have a certain fondness for Ushio and her dad. Of course, all this may just be me guessing and fantasizing about how the plot will continue in Clannad and how everyone would live happily ever after.

But then again, what If I guessed right?

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