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Do you see a resemblance with this:

Picture 2 in [Haruhi is Malaysian]

... And from Sarawak too. <3 Home.

Thanks to Sankaku

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Before I start, I'm sure most of you have noticed the extra column on the right side. I'm drawing up a few new additions for this site, such as a badly needed gallery, perhaps a flash portal and some other cool things I always wanted to have on my own website. I've been setting up sites as long as I can remember. My biggest problem was maintenance. I never had the discipline nor the committment to actually keep a site running constantly. Because of not having updated a site for a long time, I became discouraged and stopped updating anyway, and it just kept falling in on itself until I eventually abandoned the site. Eventually the site would be taken down, and all traces of it vanish into the mists of history.

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