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After a long day at work, coming back home to a nice little episode of Index is pretty relaxing and helps get my mind off things for a while. Worrying too much is never good for a person. Though, one must still worry once in a while. Index, my favorite character of this series is back again with lots of funny antics. It almost seems as if she was from the past in this episode. I'm sure even the carmelite sisters these days know how to operate a vending machine.

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I love how Index always goes tsun tsun with Touma.

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Cute girl with cute cat is cute.

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Biribiri is back as a teen (phew, finally. I thought I was going to start a new career as pedophile there.)

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Blushing girl is lovely

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Simply irresistable. Girls should blush more. Though, fake blushes in makeup is extremely unattractive. I must say that I have always been opposed to my girlfriends wearing makeup for no occasion. Its not like I hate it or anything, its just that I fell in love with the girl without makeup and it would be nice to see her natural. Oh well. Biribiri would make a nice girlfriend being tsundere and all.

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We must defeat the vending machine.

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New girl is cute. Has good frame. Good anatomy.

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Cute imouto is "gyaaa~". I love how they tease people with never ending legs. I bet you these legs go up much further than you think, and the skirt is actually very long.

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Now for the fanservice jackpot.

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Enjoy your exercise.

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