Picture 1 in [Alpha Omega Klan Klang Statue]

After much procrastination I have finally decided to open my Lt. Klan loliform statue from Macross Frontier. I've actually been eyeing this figure for a while. This figure actually comes from Alpha Omega, which is another break from my Max Factory/Good Smile streak. This is because they have been only been producing crappy statues and figmas lately. Not that figmas are a problem, crappy statues are though.

Picture 2 in [Alpha Omega Klan Klang Statue]

The statue comes in the same kind of container most statues come in. Though, this statue was much much more heavily wrapped on the inside compared to the ones I've ever had. The manufacturers wrapped every limb and all the hair and used cellotape to bind them tight. This made it quite difficult to remove the plastic wrappings, because you had to first find where the tape ended and scratch against it to peel it off before you could remove the wrapping. You can see that Klan's other ponytail comes as a separate part that connects to two holes on the back of her head.

Picture 3 in [Alpha Omega Klan Klang Statue]

Her other ponytail is also very very heavily wrapped. Since its bent, and it has strands coming off at the end, its actually wider on the ends than on the inside. This means that if you tried to force the wrapper off, instead of gracefully tearing apart and coming off the ponytail, it might break the small strand on the end, which would be a real pain.

Picture 4 in [Alpha Omega Klan Klang Statue]

Finally, after a good 15 minutes of battling the wrappers and cellotape, I finally managed to remove Klan out of the container unscathed. Flawless victory. This is Lt. Klan, micronized version and lolified. I think the most attractive part of the figure are her smooth shiny polished stockings and her scrumptuous legs.

Picture 5 in [Alpha Omega Klan Klang Statue]

View from the right. She's really really cute from this angle. Her legs look kinda short from over here too. An interesting point about this figure is that she was actually sculpted by Akatsuki from Alter. This probably explains why she still looks so good despite not being from the top 3 figure makers.

Picture 6 in [Alpha Omega Klan Klang Statue]

View from behind. As you can see the ponytails would've looked very bad if the plastic wrappers damaged the hair. I think Alpha Omega should rethink their wrapping strategy.

Picture 7 in [Alpha Omega Klan Klang Statue]

View from the left. Her pose still looks good as ever. You can see her chest bulge ever so slightly, just as a lolicon would love it. The polished stockings are awesome from this angle too.

Picture 8 in [Alpha Omega Klan Klang Statue]

Close up on her front. You can see her short jacket pulled up just enough to tease anyone who wants to give her a proper fondling.

Picture 9 in [Alpha Omega Klan Klang Statue]

F for Frontier.

Picture 10 in [Alpha Omega Klan Klang Statue]

Klan is quite large in size actually, but I could probably attribute that to the lack of scale. You would think that she would be about the size of Shana.

Picture 11 in [Alpha Omega Klan Klang Statue]

Overall a great figure and awesome body. I would say this figure was full of win even if I wasn't a longtime fan of Macross, and I would sooo buy another figure of the same kind of quality from anyone who decides to make a proper Ranka Lee figure, unlike the crappy one that is currently out.

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