Mar 09

It is accomplished.

Meanwhile, In other news, unknown girl dies of unknown cause in unknown world. This series sure has a lot of unknowns.

And 4-chan has the audacity to do THIS to us.

… And then Episode 23 is Tomoyo After! Ahhh one can dream…

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  1. 1. kiki Says:

    wtf you must be a very stupid person . maybe you should stop watching anime . cuz everyone knows that when they died it was just to show what could have happend you fucking dumbass. haha idiot.

  2. 2. Clifford Says:

    Actually, Kiki, I think you’re wrong in this equation. We all have our own theries, but had you payed extra close attention, Miyazawa told Tomoya and Nagisa that if they gathered enough of these mysterious lights, then a miracle could be preformed. And when the mysterious girl froze to death in the unknown world, she set off millions and millions of little lights. I belive that these preformed the miracle of not only a fresh start and happier ending, but curing of this strange illness possessed by Nagisa and Ushio. So who’s the dumbass?

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