Picture 1 in [Minami Orange and Christmas Cake]

Its orange season, and Chiaki is lovin' it. For some reason, I haven't eaten oranges in a long while. Maybe its because I developed a subconscious phobia of it after listening to Toradora's orange ending? Masaka ne. For some reason I felt quite good after watching this episode. Maybe its because of the pleasantness Chiaki exhibits during christmas? Or maybe its just Hosaka's antics again.

Picture 2 in [Minami Orange and Christmas Cake]

The two girls from the bottom up. You'd think from this angle you'd see something, but once again, I stress that the legs of girls go an infinite way up their skirts. There is no way to find the meeting point. Hentai doesn't count.

Picture 3 in [Minami Orange and Christmas Cake]

Back to Kana. She peels her oranges clean! My parents used to tell me not to do that because the white stuff has fibre in it that will assist in preventing constipation. Until today I still debate the truthfulness of it.

Picture 4 in [Minami Orange and Christmas Cake]

Deciding on what to give someone on Christmas is truly a daunting task. I once was stranded in a shopping mall for almost 5 hours trying to decide what to get for a few close friends. SIGH. Life is hard.

Picture 5 in [Minami Orange and Christmas Cake]

It better if they just specified their idea of a present.

Picture 6 in [Minami Orange and Christmas Cake]

Anyway, Asread is getting better at drawing now it seems. I love their rendition of Chiaki sleeping. She just looks so cute this time. Makes me just wanna go hug her. Hold on. I know there are people out there with the words "pedo" and "lolicon" running through their head. I assure you its not like that. *gets hunted down by police*

Picture 7 in [Minami Orange and Christmas Cake]

Mittens are a great gift to girls who bake nice cakes for you. Minamike gives me some good ideas sometimes. *jots down*

Picture 8 in [Minami Orange and Christmas Cake]

Makes you wish you had a little sister too eh?

Picture 9 in [Minami Orange and Christmas Cake]

Hosaka is my hero. His imagination spans millenia.

Picture 10 in [Minami Orange and Christmas Cake]

And his beard is made of icing. You really gotta give him creds for being so dense about his image in public.

Picture 11 in [Minami Orange and Christmas Cake]

You know, if I were impersonating a girl, surely someone would've noticed by now...

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