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Haruhi managed to borrow Fate's Barrier Jacket, and decided to have a cosplay party. So she decided to force a group of five fellow figmas to swap clothes and cosplay as each other! Since my room doesn't quite fit the bill for a cosplay party, Fate-sensei decided to organize this trip, the first of many, to Ariake where we'll have a chou moe cosplay party under the sun today!

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First, we have our much required pre-trip pose! Look at the girls, aren't they awesome in their new clothes? (Psst. I think Nagato's hawt.)

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Haruhi's all fired up in her new Barrier Jacket. She looks surprisingly good in it.

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Here we are in front of Tokyo Big Sight. Haruhi wastes no time to start posing for the camera. She's saying "Enemies! Your time has come. Feel the deadly wrath of my Bardiche!"

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It was quite hard to get the crazy crowd from stampeding their way through to take photographs. We finally had some of the security guards set up a perimeter to prevent mentally ill otakus from coming in to desecrate our figmas.

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The powerful sword is yielded by a powerful person. I'm so happy the sword is an imitation of Fate's real sword, and there's no such person as Haruhi in real_life.exe.

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Seto San comes next clad in Kita High School Uniform, full of awesomeness and fake dere. This girl brings to us the very essence of wife material. Her awesomeness could drown a person and sink him into the deepest depths of hell.

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Look at her go. No wonder her father runs amok everytime a guy tries to ask her out for a date. However, a mermaid who does not consider the feelings of her audience will have disgraced the long tradition of mermaid's excellent entertainment culture! The chivalry of mermaids "仁侠", another way of writing "mermaid" 人魚 (ningyo)! (cue Japanese Edo-era music)

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Nyan nyan nyan nyan ni hao niang. Present meets the future meets fantasy. If I ever start a shop called Golden Dragon, this would probably be a winning pose for my waitress audition.

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Close up of Seto in Nekomimi mode.

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Nagato in Misaki High School Uniform. Her short skirt is very very uncharacteristic of her. I know. But it really improves her image as a loli IMHO. Also, it was strangely arousing in a way.

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Nagato in her chair. Haruhi thought of everything, she even remembered to bring the chair. Nagato had no books howerver, but the uniform is really a little too revealing for such a modest character as herself.

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Nagato, being the quiet girl she is, is an excellent poser for damsel in distress poses.

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She always looks so tough for some reason.

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"Did you say something?"

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Shana in Kita High uniform! It seems she fit very comfortably in Nagato's uniform. It wasn't all smooth sailing however, we had a Katana fight for a while and Shana's katana broke again because Nagato caught it with her hand again. Why did Shana draw her sword? Well it was a small comment from Haruhi about her and Nagato's chest size. I'm sure she has every reason to be mad. But surely Konata's view of flat chests as a status symbol was not lost on her?

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Even in a more modest uniform, she still has that ero-loli look to her. Somehow she gives of the vibe of a very very huggable girl.

Picture 18 in [Figma Cosplay Party]

Shana wants You.

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Here's Mikuru in Isumo High uniform. I think this modest uniform really suits her. Look at how mature she looks in a tie! I'm sure she'd look even better if that tie was loose ;)

Picture 20 in [Figma Cosplay Party]

Pure win. Her charm is bound by no force and is superceded by no one. Somehow how her charms just shine like the brightest stars on a dark lonely night.

Picture 21 in [Figma Cosplay Party]

Haruhi however, is also on hand to harrass Mikuru. The cameraman, having no choice when faced up against the wrath of Haruhi, ends up having to take the pictures anyway.

Picture 22 in [Figma Cosplay Party]

Mikuru seems to find Haruhi's princess cradle repulsive, and starts demanding to be put down immediately. However, Haruhi refuses and lets the camera have its way before giving in to Mikuru's wriggling. Maybe Mikuru's just being conscious of her skirt being lifted up to an easier angle. It seems Mikuru is not free of Haruhi's haunts even here at Ariake.

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Mikuru, having had enough pushes Haruhi away and runs away crying. We ended up having to take quite a bit of time to calm her down again. She really doesn't like Haruhi.

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Fate-sensei. Our trip organizer. She's kickass at these sorts of things.

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Finally, after several hours of fooling around, it is time to go, the kids settle down for one last group shot.

Picture 26 in [Figma Cosplay Party]

Back home, where the figmas go back to being themselves again. These are going to stay like this for a while, since I kinda like Nagato in that uniform.

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