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I don't get it! I really don't get it! Wha...? What? So what happened to Ushio? Wait, so we spent 5 emotional episodes for NOTHING? So this episode just like, NEGATED all those previous episodes? Now Nagisa's just ALIVE and WELL and so is Ushio? So... what...? I don't get it. Is this another world or something? Wait, hold on, are we changing stories now? Like did Okazaki take a different route or something during the birth of Ushio or something? SOMEONE TELL ME I DON'T GET IT!

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Then all of a sudden there's THIS scene. Wha...? Why did Tomoya think meeting Nagisa was a mistake if she never died in the first place? What the hell? Like, so Ushio died, and Tomoya just loaded up a save game and tried another route to avoid Nagisa from dying? Wha? I just don't get it!

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Speaking of which, Tomoya's bear hug is really strong, he just lifted Nagisa off the floor by almost a foot. Phew!

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Okay, so like, Nagisa didn't die and stuff right? But WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON THEN!? All of a sudden its "Load Game" and then "Oh you don't have to worry about Nagisa anymore ^_^", says the midwife. I truly do not understand where all this is going.

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Maybe there's some Mariana Trench hodo deep meaning to this sudden story flip? Something to do with, like just be happy everyone around you is alive or something? Someone tell me what this is called in literature, like a story suddenly rewinds to where it was again and then gets played out in an alternate reality. I'm not sure I would call it 'would be's.

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Nagisa is hotter as someone else's wife. She looks a lot more mature too and a lot healthier. Well, all of a sudden Ushio did meet her mother and never asked dad to talk about her until he cried. It just seems weird that the story suddenly took this kind of turn. Its as if all of a sudden the writer tore out the pages that he too more than a month to write and just wrote a summary of a better future. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?!

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And wtf @ Fuuko. Has she no common sense at all? If I were around her I would pull all my hair off by the time I murdered her. And the worst thing of all is, they DARED to spend 6 minutes. FREAKING SIX MINUTES OF MY LIFE WATCHING A RETARD TRY TO REWIND THE IMI WAKANAI CONVERSATION 5 TIMES.

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Okay, so everything's alright now? Just like that? Ushio's actually okay, and Nagisa is still around to provide Tomoya with his carnal needs, and Ushio knows her mother? Wha...? Did I miss something? Like, was there a joke? Is this some kind of reference to something?

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This was the only consolation in the story. Mei has grown up from ultracute loli to superhot girl. I find it surprising that she hasn't been scouted down by gravure idol companies yet. Gosh this picture is so good I could vector it, and hang it on a wall just for the lulz of it. My feelings of Mei from THAT episode is coming back.

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