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... is what I can so hear Haruta saying now. I mean he doesn't say it but I can hear the voice so loud its deafening. This is precisely the thing I love about Toradora. It really explains the world around, that even if you aren't getting anywhere, the rest of the world is. Onee-chan ja nai yo. GAARUFURIENDO!

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This is the kind of response 4chan would give to a troll post like Haruta's "look I'm dumb and stupid, but I'm hooked up. How many of you anons has a GAARUFURIENDO?"

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On another note, twintailed Taiga (IS FUKKEN WIN) reminded me of someone from To Aru Anime That I Watched Not Long Ago. Did I mention that she was FULL OF WIN? There's something about twintails that makes them so attractive and so arousing. I just can't put my finger on it.

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I must also commend the director for such a good show of force in giving us the drama that we need. Minorin's Usotsuki face will live through the centuries. Lookie Ryuuji your GAARUFURIENDO target is staring in your face calling you a liar. We need some KNIVES in this show.

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Also, we need a bit more Higurashi-style Taiga.

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...and Kawashima Shion.

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