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Yes, that's right. I watch Index for the fanservice, and I think a lot of you do too. Episode 22 is quite low on fanservice however, are we finally getting to the serious bit in the series? Or are they just trying to make us buy figures for pouring condensed milk on?

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Top heavy, meet DFC.

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<3 Index. Sorry I can't say too much. The right hand is too busy.

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I really wonder why all the girls in Index that wear short skirts always stand like this. Do all of them have a lack of calcium or something? A back problem maybe? Caused by the weight of the skirt in front? Or do they just bend forward to prevent their pantsu from being seen by whoever is in front of them because their skirt is almost above the line?

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Gah. Instead of being afraid of showing your underwear, girls should start to think of better ways to NOT lose their marriageability. On the other hand, some girls have the awesomest ways of protecting their purity, while maintaining their appeal.

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