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I put off Munto for a while after watching the movie. But after watching episodes 2 and 3, episode 3 especially, I could finally see KyoAni's magic come back and bring the series back to life. The only reason I started watching this again was because I heard lolikit say that KyoAni sexified the anime. Fanservice finally? This I HAD to see.

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Cute Suzume is cute. She'll grow up to become an awesome singer that would make Shana's songs. I really wonder how Yumemi is in school with girls that look twice her age. She really is another one of those stereotypical Konatas.

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At a glance I thought those white legs were Suzume's. Suzume in long white thigh stockings ftw. Ahh one can dream.

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YEAH. GANGFIGHT. Kazuya's "my environment did not let me change" is pure bullshit. Purer than the white emitted from the sun. BE HONEST. YOU LIKE TO FIGHT DON'T YOU? Why else would he be in the alleyways looking for some fist fodder anyway.

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Why doesn't anyone in the series call Kazuya pedo? Suzume looks like she's 10 years younger than him. Also, whats up with Suzume going all lovey dovey with some gangster? Oh well, I guess girls find boys who fight and say they will protect girls awesome.

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I wonder where this came from... Ultramontaro...... I really orzed when I saw this. You guys should know where this comes from if you've watched A Certain Blue Robot Cat.

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Yumemi looks so good in this, its good enough to make posters. I know it tickles the pedo side of some of you too. Don't even think about it. We need collateral damage studios to draw this.

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Troubled Yumemi needs some love. Look at her. She looks like she just lost her virginity or something and wonders if she could even get married. I blame it on all those Akiba-kei who stare at her viciously with impure eyes. :<

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And Munto-cchi is here to give lots of love to her. GO MUNTO-CCHI

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But he must fight the angel of death first. When I saw the halo on its head, I was like, seriously wtf? Maybe that's where the idea of angels came from? And maybe people never lived to tell the tale, so people thought that the victims were just brought to heaven by the angel (which is probably true in a way)... argh I'm going off topic here.

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She really looks really cute. I wonder what figures will be produced. I would so get a young Yumemi one. Actually, nah. 2-D is fine too.

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Deredere commander. We need some serious Gas X (whats her name) action.

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YEAH GAS. Show her your MANLINESS.

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Owwwwww. Troubled Yumemi needs moar love than ever. Don't cry. Shana's sword broke. I know...

Picture 15 in [Munto is nice!]

Yumemi FAITO! The ending was too awesome to put into pictures. You really must watch all the way to episode 3 YOURSELF to get teh feeling.

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