Mar 23

There’s a reason I stay really far away from horror story books. Its that I found the hard way that nothing good comes after a good read of a horror story. There was this once I read a horror story book, and in an exam the next day, my mind completely blanked out for some reason, even though the exam was a math exam, something I don’t usually have to study for. Then, after reading Singaporean Horror Stories in the school’s library, I came out and tripped and scraped my knee. And there was this once where I got food poisoning the next day just after going to KFC for a nice meal after having a good read at Belle’s Bookstore. Guess what I was reading.

Horror movies are fine though, I don’t really remember getting anything bad from it. Actually, there was this once I found a $10 note after walking out of the cinema. Honest me tried to find the owner but devil me decided to keep it anyway. But horror story books tend to be omens of bad luck for me for some reason.

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  1. Eek. I broke Kagamin’s Tail » Astrobunny's Blog Says:

    […] Not too long ago I brought Kagami around the mountains to see what a port at Christchurch looked like. But I dropped her from pretty high up and one of her tails broke off. She was quiet for the rest of the day. This is the second time I broke Kagami. I think I jinxed myself after reading a horror story again. […]

3 Responses to “Horror stories are unlucky”

  1. 1. NovaJinx Says:

    Haha, poor Kagami. I don’t think I’ve ever read any pure horror books…just some borderline cases that have overlapped with my science fiction interest.

  2. 2. jaser Says:

    LOL, the book could have jinxed her. You should have let her watch a horror movie on the screen in the background instead. Then she could’ve turned around and slap Konata instead of falling to her doom.

  3. 3. ineser Says:

    LOL, so kewl I’m on Toradora ep 9 and they are talking about horror stories…
    Some of Singaporean Horror Stories are too good to be true!!!
    Sigh poor Kagami, got pushed >_>

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