Picture 1 in [Haruhi's Up To Something...]

So I came home today tired and messed up from work and I find Haruhi on the floor with her megaphone making everyone slaves again. I was wondering at the time: WTF is she up to now? She better have not forced Mikuru's clothes off her or something, because its going to be real expensive to get a replacement.

Picture 2 in [Haruhi's Up To Something...]

It turned out they were pulling a bag up off the floor on to the table for some reason. I always wondered why they liked the table better than the carpet. Maybe its because its hard for them to stand on the carpet?

Picture 3 in [Haruhi's Up To Something...]

It also seems Haruhi forced Mikuru to be the bag's counterweight, though I don't see how she'd be effective in any way. The two lolis are practically struggling to prevent mikuru from being catapulted off where she is now by her legs.

Picture 4 in [Haruhi's Up To Something...]

Poor Mikuru.

Picture 5 in [Haruhi's Up To Something...]

Well I really wonder what they were trying to pull up anyway. It looks like a bag of newly bought stuff. Was Haruhi using my credit card again...

Picture 6 in [Haruhi's Up To Something...]

So after a bit of heaving they finally managed to pull the entire package up, with the help of Fate-sensei's leadership of course. Haruhi as usual didn't do much but shout orders.

Picture 7 in [Haruhi's Up To Something...]

So it turns out Haruhi bought up a set of guitars. Looks like she wants to set up a band or something, or maybe she just wanted a guitar because Len and Nagato had one.

Picture 8 in [Haruhi's Up To Something...]

Looks like quite a few guitars. I wonder If I should open it.

Picture 9 in [Haruhi's Up To Something...]

"Listen up you commoners! The master will now open the package and ultimately decide who shall hold what guitar and in what circumstances. You must all listen to him, or else I won't forgive you!"

Picture 10 in [Haruhi's Up To Something...]

Geez. "Master". Look at what you did to Mikuru. I think she could potentially be eternally traumatized by Haruhi after extended exposure to her.

Picture 11 in [Haruhi's Up To Something...]

So we've got 9 guitars. 2 bass guitars, an acoustic, and one I haven't opened yet. I wonder whats inside... From what I see in Haruhi's eyes I think more instruments are on their way.

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