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So if sitting here in a boring room waiting for your favorite show to finally finish downloading isn't bad enough, you get showered left right and center by sentence after sentence of what a paranoid you would consider potential spoilers, and part of you would start to think about the philosophical question of whether or not you will live to finally be able to watch Toradora 25. Have you had that experience? Because that's what me and Kagamin are both feeling right now. To top things off, the ISP doesn't seem to give a damn and provides us with their regular friendly service: disconnections every 5 minutes and a choked pipe, as well as a prerecorded telephone support welcome message saying "your call is important to us. Please hold". Oh the oxymorons and idiosyncracies of modern corporations.

Picture 2 in [To wait is to live]

All of us have been waiting so long for this day to watch it together, yet we're being served cruelly by the very thing that makes us realize we still have a life to live. We wait, and wait and wait, trying to preoccupy ourselves with other things and yet the day never seems to come. I can tell you when you really want to watch an episode of something, waiting for it is akin to catholic zealots awaiting the second coming of Jesus. Its that serious.

It also seems Haruhi's getting impatient, and the night seems darker than ever before.

written by astrobunny \\ haruhi, kagamin, toradora, wait