Picture 1 in [Chrome Haired Felli]

Felli is probably the ONLY thing that is keeping me watching Regios. The immense suspense in waiting for her to show up with her tsundere antics is almost akin to waiting for an eclipse to occur so you can take photographs of it, minus most of the wait, because the anime is just FULL of Felli, and I'm definitely not complaining.

Picture 2 in [Chrome Haired Felli]

This scene was probably made to incide envy and jealousy in the audience, and to spawn a flurry of flames and trolls in the great boards of 2chan the like. But I thought that this picture had some good qualities as well. For one thing, her eyes aren't half open here. A rare sight indeed once you have a good look at the Felli Gallery that I'm going to put up.

Picture 3 in [Chrome Haired Felli]

Felli, the sister of the Student Council President is quite the emotionless type. This is what she looks like when she's happy.

Picture 4 in [Chrome Haired Felli]

When she's busy...

Picture 5 in [Chrome Haired Felli]

When she's touched

Picture 6 in [Chrome Haired Felli]

When she's curious

Picture 7 in [Chrome Haired Felli]

Oh she does show a BIT of emotion when she's angry though. Just a bit.

Picture 8 in [Chrome Haired Felli]

Felli is also a Psychokinetic, whatever the hell that means (probably means she moves stuff with her brain or something). Here, in the midst of battle, Felli almost looks like she's singing a melody of death and destruction and stuff. That's no further from the truth. (Though I wonder what she'd sound like when she's singing) She's actually coordinating little cherry blossom petal-like psychic transmission things that come out of her Dite. Gosh I can't take it anymore, she's so cute the heavens would bend over backwards to ensure her continued existence, and gaze in wonder at its very own creation.

Picture 9 in [Chrome Haired Felli]

BUT! Perhaps the best part of Felli can be seen in episode 4 where she works as a maid, and provides us with a very big fountain of win. Like, seriously, if I was to pick the very thing I found the most beautiful in my entire life, this episode would probably be somewhere on that list. Which do you prefer her to be in? Red or black?

Picture 10 in [Chrome Haired Felli]

... Not to mention her awesome forced smile.

Picture 11 in [Chrome Haired Felli]

And the immense scariness she emits when she goes into "WHY THE HELL DID I LISTEN TO THAT MAN" mode.

Picture 12 in [Chrome Haired Felli]

I would worship her had she been a real Goddess. Right now however, one can only calmly continue to watch Regios and enjoy the tonnes of Felli provided to us graciously by our wonderful animators. Oh, and to celebrate her existence, I decided to make a gallery dedicated to images of her.

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